Ramblings From the Hookah

Through the Looking Glass

22 May 1981
Christchurch, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
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A woman not only takes her identity and individuality for granted, she knows instinictively that the only wrong is to hurt others, and that the meaning of life is love.
--Valerie Sloanas.
SCUM Manifesto

The majority of my journal is now friends only, if you want to be added then leave me
a comment and we shall see what can be done.

I am a: queer, mother, graduate, feminist, women's refuge worker, lover, activist, psuedo-writer, advid reader, beliver of fae, lover of music, baker, reluctant home-maker, pacifist, proud and above all I am me; and I like who I am.


Anais Nin expresses how I feel about my LJ perfectly...

"But I need a place where I can shout and weep. I have to be a Spanish savage at some time of the day. I record here the hysteria life causes in me. The overflow of an undisciplined extravagance. To hell with taste and art, with all contractions and polishings. Here I shout, I dance, I weep, I gnash my teeth, I go mad -- all by myself, in bad English, in chaos. It will keep me sane for the world and for art."
Oct. 27, 1933 from Incest

I have come to believe...that nothing ends, nothing is ever finished.
--Anais Nin.